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Repair Kit for HOVERAir X1

Repair Kit for HOVERAir X1

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Repair Kit - a custom-designed toolkit and parts set for your HOVERAir X1, engineered for quick and efficient repairs.

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Small package, big fixes. Effortlessly repair your HOVERAir X1.

The Repair Kit is tailor-made for the HOVERAir X1, featuring a selection of bespoke replacement parts and a screwdriver. In the unlikely event that your HOVERAir X1 propellers or guards are damaged, we've made it easy for you to replace them yourself.


A complete set of propellers for the HOVERAir X1:

2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise blades. Pay attention to the direction during installation.

Protective back covers

A set of protective back covers for seamless integration. Effortlessly snap on and off for quick installation and removal.


1. What's included in the repair kit?

The repair kit contains four propellers, two protective frames, eight screws, and a screwdriver.

2. When do I need to use the repair kit?

When using the HOVERAir X1 in daily operations, propellers or the shell may encounter minor collisions or wear. In such instances, you can utilize the Repair Kit to swiftly replace the components.

3. Does purchasing the Repair Kit affect the warranty of the HOVERAir?

No, it won't. Purchasing the Repair Kit doesn't affect your HOVERAir X1's warranty. Every HOVERAir X1 bought through official store or authorized dealers comes with a one-year warranty, which remains valid as long as you use the Repair Kit according to our official instructions. While the warranty doesn't cover wear and damage from misuse, using the Repair Kit for recommended repairs ensures your HOVERAir X1 stays covered. For any concerns, feel free to contact our customer service. We encourage getting the Repair Kit to easily manage minor repairs without compromising your HOVERAir X1's warranty.

4. I'm not in the EU, can I still purchase the Repair Kit?

We apologize, the Repair Kit is currently only available for sale in the EU, US,UK markets. However, we will soon be launching it in more markets. Please continue to stay tuned for updates. We are committed to providing better service to HOVERAir users worldwide!

Customer Reviews

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Repair HOVERAir X1

Replacing a propeller on my HOVERAir X1, contrary to my fears of losing tiny screws from the device, fell completely unjustified. The screwdriver provided has a magnetic head so the screws don't fall off. The repair was done in no time. I can only recommend buying the repair kit. Was also delivered quickly to your home.

Kiko Boronad Fullana
Muy contento

Muy contento con el servicio postventa

Bruno Aleci

Repair Kit for HOVERAir X1

Andreas Wehmeier
Repair kit order

Perfect, ordered proactively. Arrived after two days. Amazing

Jakub Částka

Repair Kit for HOVERAir X1

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